Recipe: Stirfry

Years ago I used to buy the frozen stirfry veggies. They were easy to prepare and I thought they tasted good. But then, for whatever reason, I no longer enjoyed their taste...they just tasted....frozen! 
That's when I decided to just suck it up and make stirfry from fresh vegetables. I've never gone back!! I love the taste of crisp-tender veggies in a yummy sauce served over rice. I still usually cheat and use a packaged seasoning mix, but actually after last night I probably won't do that anymore either. I realized that I didn't have any seasoning mix. My internet was being a pill so i couldn't look up how to make a sauce so I figured I'd just wing it. That is a big step for me as I'm not the greatest at "winging" any recipe. But I just figured I'd use what is normally in a packet of seasoning. A couple of Tbs. of Soy sauce, a teaspoon or so of sugar, cornstarch, onion powder, garlic powder, about 1/4 c. water and I added some fresh crushed garlic...I didn't have ginger, but it turned out wonderful. Sorry I didn't measure anything when I did this.
I also bought myself a Wok at Ikea and love it. It's so much easier than the small pan I was using. The key to not overcooking the veggies is to cook them according to how long it takes for them to get done. I cooked my chicken in a combo of canola and sesame oil, then added my chopped onion and carrots. I let that go for a few minutes, then added the broccoli, celery and asparagus. The peppers and zucchini were towards the end, and right before taking it out of the pan I added some bean sprouts. I have also added cashews at the end. About 5 minutes before it is done, I pour over the sauce mix and let it thicken slightly.
You can put whatever veggies you have on hand. normally I don't have asparagus but use green beans.
We serve it over long grain brown was either Jasmine or Basmati...I can't remember. Top it with some crunchy chow mein noodles and you've got a yummy meal!
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  1. hi friend! yum, wish i was coming to your hosue for dinner! boring spaghetti at my house - had to do something quick!
    come to nashville w/me! i'm gonna learn lots :)


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