Go and Vote

Hey ladies or guys, or whoever reads this blog. The Apron Queen is having a hard time choosing a winner for her chicken dance contest. So if you head over to her site you can help her out by voting (Apron Queen Reviews). Of course I hope you vote for me and my girls' version of the chicken dance, but if there's a much cuter one, then feel free to vote for it. I'll only be crushed!! Just Kidding. I really would love aprons for the girls and I. How fun that would be!!! So head over and vote. And if you feel so inclined, pass this on to others to vote on as well. She's going to keep it open for a week. Boy is that keeping us in suspense or what?!! I'll be back later, or tomorrow with how our trip went. Oh, my name in the sidebar to vote..wink, wink..is Kirstin (C: Just in case you weren't sure which was mine. You can look further down this post or click on my link on her site to see the pictures we took. With Joy UNquenchable,


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