Yummy Meal for a Rainy, Fall Night

Yesterday was a rainy, fall day. The girls and I babysat in the morning and then both had soccer practice in the afternoon. Just as Nans practice was ending the rain started coming. Soon, it was a monsoon, drenching everything and everyone in site. It was raining so hard that I had to change my clothes after dropping Nan off at a friends. I was soaked. Poor Kat still had practice. Oh, was she soaked when she got home. I decided to cook Sandra's creamy white Chili for dinner. It was a hit! It was rich, creamy and the seasonings were perfect. I didn't have corn tortilla chips but I did have some multi grain tortillas. I cut them into wedges and placed them on a baking sheet. After spraying both sides of the tortillas I popped them in a 450 degree oven to brown, turning once. Yummy and crispy. I also chopped some tomatoes to put on top of the chili along with cheese. That was a really good addition. Next was hot sourdough corn bread (from a box). I do not make very good home made corn bread, so I usually stick with the box kind. I will say that between 5 people, the pot of chili was almost gone. Instead of taking my own pictures I just linked to Sandra's site. She has some yummy looking recipes so go check her out. I love that it's fall because I love making yummy, hot soups. I'm not into drenching monsoons (unless I'm staying inside) but I do like fall. Hopefully later today I'll post about our first week of school and get some pictures up. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I'm glad you all enjoyed the chili, it was a huge hit with my family too :)

    I'll have to try the tortilla chips like you did, those sound good. Oh and the cornbread, I don't make mine from scratch either LOL I always use the boxed one.

  2. Isant this rain incredible. Its completely destroying my garden. I'll have to try that chili!

  3. yum that sounds good and perfect for a rainy fall day.


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