First Week of School

We did it! We completed our first full week of school. The girls both love their books and Kat loves the two computer programs she's doing. I highly recommend Teaching Textbooks, it's a great math program. Right now it's mainly review (Kat's math), so I'm curious to see how she feels when she starts getting into newer material. They were even motivated to get up early and get started. Like I said in an earlier post, we are having to lug everything to my inlaws which can be a pain, but everyone pitched in and made it work. Now it's on to our second week and I hope they stay as motivated. They both really like to work independently and so I have to remember to keep checking their work so that I can keep up on the things they need to review. So far, I am liking their curriculum as well.
Sample of a portion of Nans schedule. I do both of them this way and it really helps them. I sit down for a few hours on Sunday nights and put it all together. Right now there are two double sided sheets. A sampling of Kat's books...she has a lot of them. Nan decided her first day should be a pajama day! Kat and her computer programs.Reading Detective is another great program. It is a reading comprehension program and takes the kids through stories and then asks them questions. If they get a high enough percentage, they can play in the "detectives arcade". Both this program and her math one keep scores on the program. Which is nice. Deep in thought!
Last year I had some of the actual "lesson plan" books for their history, science, health, etc.. which helped a ton. This year I'm on my own so it's been a little tricky to decide where to start and stop each day, when it's time for a quiz or test. Which adds to my planning time, but I'm okay with that. It'll all work out.
I'm on the look out for a few science/geography items. I would love to get the girls an inflatable globe (because I don't have room for a regular one). And I'd like for them to do more experiments so I want to get them a microscope (2 would be amazing), some test tubes, beakers, and pre-done slides, as well as blank ones. If anyone has any suggestions for great deals on these things I'd love them, or if you have some sitting around that aren't used and you'd like to unload them on someone else, please let me know. I don't really have much to spend but I'm on the lookout.
I'll post a home building update later, hopefully...we're getting things accomplished, and it was a crazy busy weekend. This morning we're off to meet with the cabinet guy and drop plans off to the carpet people.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love the studying in pjs. That is so Tink!
    I want to do the Math teaching Textbooks with Tink but from what I can tell they dont start until 5the Math. Is that correct? Tink is in 4th. I was bummed when I saw they start in 5th. If you could tell me I read that wrong on the website Id love you forever. Of course, I'll love you forever anyway! :)

  2. Love the photos :) And that is a neat idea to do it in PJ's, why not you know?

    Wish I had the motivation to homeschool my children.


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