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My girls are about finished with school and I'm trying to begin thinking about what I want for next year. It's taking them so long because we take a lot of days off during the year and it puts them behind. But they really don't have much left to do. When I make my decisions for the next year, I try to include them. I ask them what they liked or didn't like about the books last year. Here's what we used last year: Kat (6th Grade) * Abeka Health, History, Science and Math * Spectrum Spelling and Language Arts * Skill Sharpeners Reading Comprehension * Remedia Publishing Map Skills Nan (3rd Grade) * Abeka Health, History, Science, Math and Language * Spelling Success * Skill Sharpeners Reading Comprehension *Scholastic Success with Maps So far they've seemed happy with happy as they can be. I think they'd both rather not do school period. I want to change that. I'm just not 100% sure how. I read so many blogs and moms seem so creative and having amazing unlimited resources. My resources are limited and I need to work with what I have. I know Kat wants something different for math. If I could just have the Abeka DVD for math only I think she'd go for it but it's too hard for me to explain so I think that we are going to change to Teaching Textbooks. I may change up some of the other things....we'll see. They both love the computer and videos so I'm thinking maybe with Science, health and history I'll get videos from the library that depict what they are studying and find websites that would help them research topics a bit more thoroughly. If anyone has great online resources let me know! I'm hoping to get some things on ebay in the next month. I also do a garage sale (2 weeks from now) and the money I make goes towards school and supplies. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I was curious why your older daughter is not doing Abeka Language Arts? Is there a reason you have her in a different curriculum for that?

    Literature is a wonderful subject for using videos. All those great literature books are on VHS tapes. There are websites that you can download all the study prompts for gobs of those books. Of course, I have the Exodus homeschool store here and they have all the classic literature already bound in a workbook. We watch the videos because Tink struggles too much with the words in the books. But it is a nice break too from the regular work books.

    For Science we do a lot of programs in the community. Our community college has a science program for kids that is only 20 dollars for 8 classes. You may have heard me talk of it on my blog. Its Tinks Wild life Stewarts class. Maybe you could find something like that around there. Mad Science goes to all the public schools and homeschoolers can go just by paying the fee. Of course that one is a little steep; its $75 for nine weeks, But it's a great program!

  2. I was doing it (abeka language)up to last year, but it wasn't an easy subject for her and she was really getting overwhelmed with all the work....I personally like it. My youngest is doing it now. I may go back to it next year we'll see. I love going to Exodus, and hope to make a trip there in the next few weeks or so to look around. I got a ton of their books there last year.

    My girls both love Laura Ingalls Wilder and Helen Keller and have watched movies about both. Right now my oldest read about Jim Elliot and the other missionaries killed and so we rented End of the Spear because it interested her.

  3. I think you are amazing for homeschooling. I don't know any homeschooling families around here. I wish I could help you with curriculum ideas but my kids go to school. My ten year old does love those 'Horrible Histories' and 'Horrible Science' type books, and he seems to absorb quite complex ideas (such as laws of physics) through them.



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