Paint Colors Chosen

Whoo Hoo!! We purchased about 75% of our interior house paint today. It seemed to take forever. It didn't help that I had only gotten 4 hours...yes, 4 hours of sleep last night and just for the record, as much as I'd love to function on 4 hours sleep (just think of what I could get done.) I don't do well on that little rest. So I was tired. My day didn't quite go as I had originally planned and again for the record, I'm not very spontaneous and I don't like to have everything rearranged in my agenda. I'm not completely hopeless here, but it can whack me out just a bit. Thankfully I'm flexible enough to make it work. we go to the paint store. I was a bit nervous and began second guessing myself. I hate it when I do that. But I just went for it. Neither my hubby or the paint guy thought I was crazy so I must have done okay. I took pictures of the paint color cards, but they aren't showing their true you can either wait till I'm done painting (which will be a few weeks from now that I actually have time to start), or you can go to Sherwin Williams website and look up the colors yourself. You could always just come to my house and paint it for me. For the Utility/Kitchen I chose: Gecko and Quilt Gold...these are very bold and bright colors, but thought they'd be fun. I opened the gecko tonight and went...oh, boy, that's bright. But I put some on a bit of the wall and I think it'll be great. For the downstairs hall: Ceremonial Gold and Bees Wax. This I will do in a faux type finish. The Bees Wax which is lighter will be the base color. Then the Ceremonial Gold will mix with a glaze and go on top. Then I will place plastic over it, spread it out and then remove it. This gives it a really cool look without buying expensive brushes. For the upstairs hall area and stairwell: Mesa Tan. We'll use Rustic City in the little cubby we have and if I have enough left on another little wall area. For our bedroom: Parakeet, Crabby Apple and Macadamia. The Macadamia will go under the crabby apple and I will use the same technique as in the downstairs hall. For the girls room: Electric Lime, Calypso, and Daisy Yellow. I'm letting them do all the painting in their room with one of our young adults. We've yet to buy paint for the garage/living area and the two bathrooms. But this should get us started. I do know the girls want peach for their bathroom. We also made a run to Home Depot. I wandered around aimlessly...I'm sure I looked like a lost puppy...then went and sat on the patio furniture and waited for my hubby! Remember, I had only gotten 4 hours sleep! Tomorrow I'll go up and sand and stain some more boards. It's coming along. Please be praying that we are able to get in there in September. Pray for finances to come in, helpers when we need them and great weather. I am desperately ready to have my own home again. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. i can't wait to see those colors on your walls. they sound wonderful :)

  2. Hi Kirstin! Wow, those colors sound DEVINE! You'll have to post pix.
    We are 4 hrs. from Port (I think you had asked).
    Let me know any time you are passing thru!

  3. Sounds lovely. I cant wait until the pics start coming in!


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