The 4th of July

We had a very crazy week, but a very successful one. Both of our fundraisers went very well. But before I get into all that, I have to share a picture of Kat and her friend and the shirts they made. They were going to babysit the little boy of our pastor's son and daughter in law (who are two of our youth leaders). They decided they were going to make their own "babysitter" t-shirts. So off they went to the dollar Tree for some white t-shirts. They cut the sides of the shirts and then tied them. Next they decorated. Front of shirts. Back of shirts. The couple loved them!
Okay, on to the fireworks tent. This is the tent we ran from the 28th-July 4th. We spent on average 14 hours a day there. You had to be 16 to work in the tent so I pretty much stayed there and ran the cash register with one or two others. The remaining helpers held signs around town directing people to our tent. They were a riot!! They made up dances, wore silly hats and made fun t-shirts. People bought them Popsicles and water. We bought them pizza and fried chicken. They worked hard and did well. But boy were we tired. I was so tired that I actually attempted to scan a little boy's root beer can. I must have decided that I deserved tips because instead of giving people their change, I just closed the till (thankfully I realized it just after closing the no, I didn't get tips and they got their change). I sent a text message, and immediately after pushing the send button, put the phone up to my ear. I'm sure I did some other weird things, but I'm choosing to forget them. I was just exhausted by the end of the week and ready to be done.
I think I felt like these girlies...the one on the left is mine.
We did take some time to go light off some fireworks. We actually had customers until about 11:00.
Not sure what this look means!
My oldest Pyro!!! Good thing she's not a boy.
Nan just wasn't quite sure about the sparklers.
I was so hoping a burst of fireworks would go a little higher. Twice they went right in front of the moon, but I missed it. You can still see them though.
I love fireworks. I was so tired though that I just didn't have the energy to take lots of pictures, which I was really disappointed about.
My hubby's grandmother passed away yesterday and requested he do part of the service with his uncle. He will leave for Indiana on Wednesday and come home Friday. We were all going to try and make it, but the fares were just too much. I'll have plenty to keep me busy though.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother-in-law

    You sound like you have been going nonstop. Hope you are able to get some rest.

    Love the babysitting shirts.

  2. Hey Kirstin,
    Wow! That tent was huge. You have got to be exhausted. I'm hoping you and your sweet family get caught up on some much deserved rest. I loved the t-shirts and their excited faces. They must have been a real blessing. Thank you for your visit to my blog and for your sweet comments. You are right, there is nothing better than seeing your children dig deeper in their relationship with the Lord and step out in faith. I'm afraid my oldest is growing those wings and pretty soon she will be ready to fly, better yet soar. Selfishly, I'm not ready; to be honest I never will be. She is only 15, but where has the time gone??? It does this momma's heart good to see her love for the Lord and her desire to serve Him. Aren't we blessed moms? Anyway, I didn't mean to write a book, just wanted to drop and short (ha!) note and tell you that your comment blessed me today!


  3. Those are beautiful fireworks :) Glad you had such a great time.

  4. It looks like you guys were BUSY last week! I am sure that you had fun though. Deepest sympathies to your hubsand. I hope his trip goes smoothly.
    Enjoy your break this week.


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