Weekend Plans and a Recipe for yummy kicked up chicken Salad

This weekend we are heading out of town to beautiful Central Oregon, specifically, Redmond, Oregon for the Central Oregon Shootout soccer tournament. Our oldest is playing. We will be staying in a Condo at Eagle Crest Resorts. I've never been there so we'll see how it is. The weather is supposed to be beautiful so maybe I'll actually come back with a tan....and lots of pictures. I wanted to share a yummy recipe before I left though since it seems like it'll be a hot weekend in many locations this would be a perfect lunch.
A few weeks back a friend made some bagel sandwiches with chicken salad. Only she added some other goodies that made it to die for.....well okay, not really to die for, but they were so good I thought I could eat three of them. She used canned chicken, but I didn't want to spend $3 on one can so I cooked up some chicken tenders that I seasoned with pepper and garlic powder. She also used an orange pepper, but those were running over $2 each so I settled on a red one. Make sure you have mayo, pickles and some mustard. She used sweet and spicy (which I didn't have, but next time I'd use it, so I just used regular) Chop or flake your chicken. Dice your pickles and peppers. Add mayo and mustard to the desired amount you like.
Place a good amount on a bagel and top with tomato slices (I used Roma before I heard we shouldn't be eating Roma's...I'm still alive), monterey jack cheese and lettuce.
Served with homemade macaroni salad that my girls made. Yum-O and very filling.
Have an awesome Father's Day weekend! See you all on Monday!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. The chicken salad sounds delicious and makes me want to pack a picnic immediately! I hope you guys have a great trip this weekend. It sounds like so much fun!

  2. Oh that chicken salad looks so delicious. I can't wait to try it out. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. yum! i have most of the ingredients. i need to make it.


  4. great looking chicken salad! yum!

  5. My family loves bagels. I am going to have to try the chicken sandwich. Thank you for the great idea. I guess I will try it with the fancy mustard I have from Trader Joes!


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