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We're plugging along on the house. The goal is to have it to the point in August where the county says it's liveable. Meaning it won't all be done, but we can occupy it. Hubby is going today to price sinks, stove, door knobs, shower doors, siding, etc. I'm going up to finish the last coat of paint on the bathroom ceilings and clean the bathtubs. I was talking to a friend (our daughters have played soccer together) and she is doing the same thing. Building themselves, as they go. It was so encouraging! But first Nan and I are going to slice 3 flats of strawberries for freezing. Kat is having fun in California. They went on a treasure hunt through the hotel yesterday and today are heading to the parks. I'll post pictures when she gets back. For now, you get to look at paint colors, paint finish options, some things we've gotten done and a hobo!
Well My color ideas are narrowing down. I have other samples that hubby wants to look at and we'll probably go with some diff. colors as well. I know many of these look the same, and none of these are the colors the girls are having. They chose bright colors for their room, and a peach color for their bathroom.
I'm thinking of doing something like this in their bathroom, using the peach color they want. I think it'll look pretty and lengthen the room.
This is my plan for the downstairs hall and stairwell. The look is achieved by placing plastic on the top coat and then peeling it off. This is similar to how our upstairs bedroom looks. So as not to be misleading..this is not our bedroom, but one I saw online that looks like our master bedroom (as far as the walls, etc). I love it. Minus the wallpaper. Crackle is a fun look. I'm thinking of this in a few smaller areas, like the upstairs cubby (don't know what else to call it.) I think that finish would look cute here, with maybe a chair rail.
A suede finish. I like how this looks.
This is a metallic look. It is pretty up close. I thought maybe I'd do this in our downstairs bathroom.
Oh, here's the Hobo I mentioned. She came up to the property with flip flops and that just wasn't going to work what with nails and whatever laying around....so daddy took her down when he went to Parr Lumber and this is how she came back. We are always teasing her about being a hobo because she just doesn't care if she matches or not! I put the hobo to work. She loves to paint and so I let her paint this old chair that is falling apart. There's a hole in the middle of it. I'm going to make a planter out of it.
The hobo was then put in charge of tending the fire. She's got to earn her dinner somehow how. Just kidding.
"Mom the smoke keeps following me". "Honey it's cuz you're so beautiful"
Okay, before anyone yells at me.....I was at the bottom of the ladder (I stepped away to take a picture). The child has no fear whatsoever! She wondered how easy it would be to sit on the roof. I said, "we're not trying that today honey"! Oh, and we got the siding done on this part of the house. We went with "cheap" because eventually the other phase of the house will butt up to this.
Ceiling painted in downstairs hall and can lights in.
Front porch soffit done!
Back porch soffit and can lights.
I love the look of these lights. I chose Tuscan Bronze. They'll match our outdoor lights. I'll have to take a picture of them. We purchased them at Costco and I love how they look.
Okay, I better go get some things accomplished and go pick up my berries. Yum. Can't wait.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. OK Kirstin, I am loving your new house and the colors you have picked out AND the ideas you have!! It looks great! It's kind of funny, I have a hobo as well...we tease her that she has her own fashion school. ha

    As for the chicken wings, I think the sake comes only in a large bottle, you would have to ask (I have another great recipe that calls for it as well if you want). I think you can substitute white wine for the sake which can purchase in the small "one serving" bottles. Enjoy!


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