Central Oregon Weekend: Part 1 of 2

Well, I'm having some problems uploading pictures right now, so we'll just start with these... this past weekend we were in Central Oregon for a soccer tournament...I'll get to that in another post since I can't upload pics of it right now. I think I've said before how much I like Central Oregon. It is considered the "High Desert" so it is dry and in places, very brown. But it is beautiful and if God were to "call" us anywhere He could call us there....but...it is far from friends and family. So we spent the weekend in Redmond, Oregon. I love the scenery and would absolutely love to live in the foothills of whatever mountain range surrounds it.
I had a few opportunities to take pics. Many were from a moving vehicle, because we were either driving to and from soccer games or driving home. I did take advantage of one evening and drove to take some shots of the sunset. They turned out okay...several had weird spots on them, or there was a funky thing through the middle of the sun...anyone have a link for taking shots at sunset? Here are a few that actually turned out okay. And no joke, this is what it looked like. It is amazing. The scenery turned out much darker, but I love how the sunset looked.
This was just after it set. I loved the faint line of it.
I'm not sure what mountain this is, but it's just gorgeous.
The scenery is very rugged in this area.
View from the drive home.
As we drove home we saw this scene, and in Central Oregon, that is not a good sign...we hoped it wasn't what we thought it was....but, we were wrong....
When we came around to the other side, this is what we found..A forest fire. There are houses just below it so we really prayed that they were able to contain it and it didn't spread further.
There are many canyons like this one that just take your breath away.
Can't you just imagine riding a horse along the top of this ridge.
More beauty.
And the beautiful Mt. Hood!
I love the Northwest.
I'll post pictures and a rundown from the soccer tournament later today or tomorrow.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Your pictures make me homesick for OR. I love Mt. Hood. What a view. The drive from where I grew up into Portland was Mt. Hood. I miss the mountains. I am glad you got to enjoy central OR.

  2. Wow! What else can one say to such beautiful places? And to think, there are still people in this world who say there is no God. How can they after this beauty?

  3. Beautiful mountains and sunset. I need to catch these mountain ranges around here next time it snows.


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