I Need Ideas

Hi gals! I need some ideas. I need to get on the ball with painting the inside of our house. I've posted pictures before of the various rooms, so you can go here to see them. What I need are some color ideas, or fax finish ideas. We are into earth tones, but I'm not afraid to go different within those tones. I do not like blue! I would really love your ideas. And please if you know others who are into decorating and have a great eye, please send them my way!! The walls are smooth, no texture. I posted the hall picture here, though it doesn't really show it the way it looks now. The corners are all rounded. At the end on right is an arch that goes into what will be the kitchen/pantry. So anyways, there you have it. I'd love your ideas. We're heading to a field trip so I'll post later about that.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I am not very good with idea's. Search the web I am sure you will find something great.

  2. I don't like blue much either. Are you an autumn too?



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