Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I have two tips that I learned recently. First off though, Tammies tip today about seperating bananas really does work. We go through bananas fast but sometimes they still ripen too quickly.
Now for my tips.
Tip #1: Recently while at the grocery store I asked the produce guy for a quick way to ripen my pears. He told me to place them in a brown bag for a few days, but if I wanted them to ripen even faster to place a banana in the bag with them. How about that! I haven't tried it yet though. Tip #2: I bought some tulips at the bulb farm a few weeks ago. I asked the gal the best way to keep them from opening too soon. One of her suggestions was to place them in the refrigerator, but to make sure there was no fruit in the fridge. Apparently fruit emits a gas that causes flowers to age more quickly. So there you have two bits. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. It works on apples, I know that for sure.

  2. I have both of these in my tip folder and yes they do work my grandmother shared them with me


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