Crocuses in our back yard. Aren't they perty
Can you hear that?....Nothing, you say? Exactly! It is quiet in the house...every living thing except for myself and the cats, is absent from the premises. At least for awhile. I have a few things to do but thought I'd take a moment to blog otherwise it won't happen this weekend.
I have been planning on posting some pics, but I haven't gotten to them yet...maybe later.....maybe not. Who knows!
Last night KAT cooked us dinner. It was Yum-O!! I will post the recipe Monday. I was proud of her. Of course she wanted no input from Moi, so I just stayed out of it...which means I didn't take pics of it either. We will make it again next week, so I'll be sure to post pictures then.
We are wrapping up all the electrical stuff at the house and start the drywall on Monday. Whoo hoo! It is a good thing I am a flexible person, even if it means I really get nothing accomplished on my own to do list, because when you're building a house, you really have to be ready at a moments notice to run an errand, bring something, pick up something, etc.. Which was about how the day was yesterday. Along with trying to get school done.
KAT and I did get in a bike ride...I thought I'd die! We rode up to our property which means you must ride or walk up a "hill". We did both and I was so proud of myself. We'd ride, get off and walk, get on and ride....till finally we reached the top. Yeah!! Visited hubby and FIL for a bit, watered our cedar trees, which by the way are still alive, which KAT doesn't like (so much so, that she came home and wrote a persuasive paragraph as to why we should not have them as a hedge). Then we rode down the hill...that was so much more fun than going up!!
This morning I gave the girls some computer time (we only have one) since I knew I'd be on it quite a bit getting some things accomplished. I went through my recipes, and old photo album binders and removed all recipes. I am going to re-vamp my recipes and how I store them. On someones blog (and if it's yours, please speak up because I've completely forgotten where I saw it and I need it as a reference), anyways, they took a binder, made a super cute cover with scrapbook paper, and placed all their recipes (which they had typed out) in sleeves. All categorized. I loved it and I needed to go through my recipes. Now they're all sitting in a folder waiting for me to someday get around to this task, but I've at least started.
Well, since beginning this post I have been interrupted several times. Once to go to lunch with the entire "fam", and when I came in the house hubby called for me to measure some things in the bathroom. Still quiet, still no one home, but about an hour and a half of lost time. So I will bid farewell and get to work on the other things that need doing and maybe come back later.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Thanks for you onsights about the caoch and ream on my blog!

    Thre really is nothing like silence is there? :)

  2. Oh my word! My hands must not have been on the right keys on the center pad! Mercy! I promise Im not drunk! LOL
    Thats suppose to say thanks for your insights on the coach and the team!

  3. Ha. LOL. That is too funny!!


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